Top Noise Cancellation Tools for Mac

Top Noise Cancellation Tools for Mac

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Noise has a significant impact on concentration and understanding. Background noises in any activity can be annoying. You could have problems with background noises when you have an important meeting online. Background noises could also pose an issue when you’re making audio recordings, sleeping, and even when you’re streaming games. Every day, people perform these activities that are important to their lifestyles. Noise cancellation technology has made it possible to get rid of frustrating background noises when carrying out different activities where noise may be a problem.

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You may need this software for different reasons, and there are many options in the market. A lot of them are device-selective, and it could be frustrating to discover a noise-cancelling software that is not compatible with your MacBook. There are several computer apps out there that claim to perform this function of background noise cancellation; however, here are six of the best and most effective that also function on macOS:


Krisp is a unique software that does the job of removing background noises very effectively. The app is capable of blocking noises from both ends of your call in real-time. Both features work at the same time, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted sounds. No matter what you may be using your microphone for, Krisp blocks out all background noise, making it sound like you’re in a quiet room. In addition to this, it also cancels out the noise coming from your speaker, and this gives it a strong edge over other noise-cancellation apps, making it the ultimate.

Krisp uses a Deep Neural Network trained with over twenty thousand noises, two thousand five hundred hours of audio and fifty thousand distinct speakers, which recognizes background noises and allows only human voices to be heard. The app carries out noise cancellation tasks at an excellent low latency (15 milliseconds), which makes your calls go smoothly, even on a low internet connection. The app cancels out noise by applying a filter that cuts out background noises between your microphone and your app.

The software is easy to use as it is activated with only the click of a button. The noise cancellation process is automatic and does not require much setting up. It is compatible with a variety of VoIP, messaging, conferencing and streaming apps, and has a free plan that gives you 120 minutes of usage per week, with affordable monthly plans if you need more unlimited access.

Try Krisp for free here.


Over the years, smartphone cameras have become more advanced, but even with these advancements, the problem of taking photos with lots of noise and discoloured pixels persists. This software allows you to remove such digital noise from photos taken in low-light conditions or with a bad camera. Noise reducer pro swiftly removes blur, grain, and noise from your photos without damaging its quality, making it a great tool for the job.

Noise Reducer Pro is easy to use as it works on your photo with minimal manual setup. It also has the Auto Noise Removal tool to help you cut out noise automatically. The software has a custom slider that gives you full control of the noise reduction level in your photos. When denoising your photos, you can compare the original with the split-view function, which places both pictures side by side.

The app also features a user-friendly experience with a clutter-free interface and a drag and drop feature that helps you denoise your photos without many clicks. The save tool allows you to save your picture in any location of your choice. All you have to do is install the app and open it to start doing some wonders on your pictures.


The Samson Sound Deck is capable of enhancing your computer’s audio experience when making calls, voice chat when gaming, or recording. It makes use of a top-notch digital noise reduction algorithm to make your calls and recording noise-free in any situation. The app can identify and cancel out repetitive background noises, giving you crystal clear communication and recordings. Samson sound deck comes with an inbuilt audio recorder, which makes it easy to record audio files and easily export and save them with the simple save tool. The audio recorder can also be used for webinars, recording quick memos, and also full audio files.

The software allows customization with a good number of filters available for use. The tool performs its duties while staying on the system’s taskbar. If you enter a quieter environment with less noise to deal with, the software can be easily disabled and reactivated when the environment becomes noisy. When the Samson Sound Deck combines with the Samson USB microphone the most developed communications and sound recordings solution available today comes into play.


Sleep Pillow is a technology that cancels out background noises that may disturb your sleep at night or break your concentration at work. It works by playing high-quality ambient sounds that block out unwanted sounds and creates a suitable environment for both sleep and work. This software can help improve the quality of your sleep and increase your productivity when working.

Sleep Pillow offers you the best selection of “White noise” options. The software is free, but with an upgrade, all sounds would be unlocked, along with the function of mixing sounds to get the perfect “White Noise” that fits the situation. Sleep Pillow is a great option if you’re looking to replace your expensive nightstand machine or clunky white noise machine. It is versatile and easy to use. You can also adjust the volume of the sounds through the custom mix, which won’t affect your phone’s volume when you lower the sound of the white noise.

Sleep pillow is a good option for noise cancellation, but it does come with challenges since it’s free. Some users complain about the combination of brief noise cancelling sounds that make it easy to spot a loop, which can be enough to cause distractions.


Noise Gate is a simple, lightweight app that cancels out disturbing background noise from VoIP’s like Skype, enhancing the quality of your calls. It is easy to use but requires a little setting up. The app requires you to set the noise threshold, set up the output and input, and also make adjustments to the volume. Once everything is set up, the app becomes easy to use. When a noise threshold is set, the app analyses the audio level in real-time. If the audio level falls below the set threshold, the gate closes, cutting off the audio. If the sound level is higher than the limit, then the audio goes through as usual. When the app is paired with a Virtual Audio Cable, it would act as a noise gate from your mic or feed audio from your speakers to your microphone. For Noise Gator to work on a MAC, it requires Java 6 or 7.


Noise Blocker is a noise cancellation software with easily customizable features that block out unwanted sounds interfering in your calls, recordings, and game streams. It allows you to create a blacklist by recording sounds you wish to mute. The app then matches incoming sounds and with the sounds recorded in your ‘blacklist’ and shuts off the unwanted sounds.

Noise blocker can be used on major VoIP’s like Skype, Discord, and Google Hangout. The app is capable of removing sounds like: background static, clicks from your keyboard and mouse, and also your laptop fan. For the app to function correctly, it requires some setting up, which might take some time. To effectively cancel out noise from your audio, you would have to record multiple noise samples to get the most out of it. Nevertheless, Noise Blocker is a good option for noise cancellation apps.

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It is hard to deny that making calls, having online meetings, making audio recordings, streaming games, and sleeping are integral parts of our society. People now realize how much noise affects different activities. It’s easy to get distracted that is why apps like this come in handy. These apps have been specially designed for a wide range of noises that could frustrate you. In order to maintain focus and professionalism in your conference calls and other important activities, it is highly recommended you download any of these apps as required. Some are free, while others require an upgrade to get the best out of them.

If you regularly engage in online conferences on your MacBook, Krisp would be the perfect tool for you as it works with a variety of communication apps and totally removes the problems of noise during calls. For lovers of photo editing, Noise Reducer Pro remains your best bet to get clear pictures on your macOS. To those who have issues sleeping with noise, use the Sleep Pillow app to listen to ambient noises that help you sleep better.