Top 5 Enamel Pin Maker for Custom Orders

Top 5 Enamel Pin Maker for Custom Orders

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So you’ve decided to sell enamel pins of your own design. That’s wonderful news! Do you have your design ready and in the right format? Do you know what size you want it in? Have you chosen what the colors are? Have you planned your selling and marketing strategy? If you answered a resounding “Yes!” on all these questions, then you’re all set! All you need to do right now is find the right enamel pin maker for your needs.

If you’ve missed at least one of the questions above, we recommend you read our guide on How to Make Enamel Pin first.

So if you’re searching for enamel pin manufacturers in your area, here are your choices.

Best Enamel Pin Makers in the US

For those living in the United States, here are some local manufacturers in the country. Some of them produce the pins locally, while others outsource to other countries, usually China. However, since these are American companies, the advantage is communication is easy and they offer guarantees. The downside to using a local manufacturer is that it can be much more expensive than purchasing outside of the country.

Here are the companies we recommend:

1. Pin Crafters

Based in Vermont, this manufacturer can make a wide range of pins and badges. Buyers such as yourself can request a free pin mock-up before you proceed so as to make sure it’s exactly as you want it.

They accept rush orders, which means you can get your pins in as little as five days. For their basic design, you can use up to five colors. Additional colors have an additional fee, so it would be best to stick to just five colors if you want the price to be cheaper.

If you haven’t completed your design yet, or if you have a something in mind but you can’t translate it to design, Pin Crafters has a free design service. Visit Pin Crafter’s website here.

2. Pin Makers

This company is located in Winter Park, Florida. Their company has been around for more than 15 years. But don’t be intimidated by their number of years in the business, as they accept orders from small businesses, too.

The minimum order quantity is 100. They’ll provide a design proof for free to make sure you like what you see. Similar to Pin Crafters, they offer free artwork and design proof.

For rush orders, you can receive your orders as early as seven to ten days.

Get in touch with Pin Makers using their website.

Best Enamel Pin Manufacturers in the UK

3. Enamel Pin Factory

What I like most about the Enamel Pin Factory is that they have a minimum of 50 pins per design, which is great if you are just a budding designer who don’t want to stock up on too much inventory.

If you can, though, go for the 100 pieces batch. Why? Because the difference in price between 50 and 100 is pretty low. They do have a price match guarantee, so if you find someone who offers a lower price, they can match it.

Another good thing about this enamel pin maker is that they offer free delivery if your order goes above £500.

To contact Enamel Pin Factory, visit their website here.

4. Rocket Badge

With more than 30 years’ worth of experience in manufacturing enamel pins, this manufacturer has gained a good reputation in the industry. Like the previous companies we mentioned, Rocket Badge offers free designing and provides free samples to ensure customer satisfaction.

The difference with this enamel pin maker with others is that they have a manufacturer outside of UK. Their partner factory is located in the Far East. You do have an option to choose whether you want the pins produced in the country or outside. The main difference, of course, is the price. Having the badges produced locally costs more than having them produced internationally.

Metal badges can be crafted within days, while other types can be produced within three to four weeks. The disadvantage with working with Rocket Badges is that their minimum order quantity is 250 units, which can be high for small businesses running for the first time.

Contact Rocket Badges through their website if you are interested to work with them.

Best Custom Pin International Manufacturers

5. Alibaba

Alibaba is a well-known China-based marketplace that has a lot of listings for suppliers. If you are looking for the cheapest place to have your enamel pins produced, there’s none better than in Alibaba.

Take for example this custom enamel pin maker, their minimum order quantity is 50, and the price is only $0.20 to $0.50 each! How cheap is that???

Admittedly, you have to scan through many suppliers to find the right one, plus there is the language barrier. The solution to this is to look for the top performing suppliers based on their star ratings, and to message several manufacturers at once to see which one has the best English-speaking representative.

After you’ve had your enamel pin manufactured, the next step is to sell and market your enamel pins. Here are some useful readings on how to market and profit from your small business (which I strongly believe you should read!).

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Top 5 Enamel Pin Maker for Custom Orders