Work From Home? Top Way To Get Rid Of Background Noise For Free

Work From Home? Top Way To Get Rid Of Background Noise For Free

August 25, 2020 Off By ALister!

Working from home can be amazing and incredibly beneficial. However, when you work remotely, you are not totally in control of the noises around you. This could sometimes make the working from home experience rather frustrating.

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Although it is possible to achieve a reasonable amount of noise reduction on smartphones as a result of dedicated microphones on the opposite ends of a call, it is not the same with desktop and laptop computers. And we all know that a desktop or laptop is what is needed to have remote professional meetings. With so much uncontrollable noise around, distraction is almost inevitable, and this could make you look unprofessional.

You must remove these background noises, but finding a lasting solution can be difficult. Nevertheless, there is one ultimate solution, and it is the Krisp AI noise cancelling technology.

In this comprehensive article, you’ll learn all about this noise cancelling app that helps you stay super professional on a call even in a boisterous environment.

What Is This Noise-Cancelling Solution?

Krisp is an AI-powered tool created to suppress background noise during calls. It currently works on only macOS, iOS and windows and supports over eight hundred different apps.

Krisp noise-canceling app sits between the hardware and the calling app, acting as a virtual filter to cancel out whatever noise being picked up, thereby eliminating background noise before it gets transmitted by the call app. You don’t have to worry about safety as Krisp processes every audio within your computer so that data never leaves your device, thereby reducing latency.

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All your audio is kept absolutely private, as the process of filtering doesn’t require any form of uploading. Krisp offers sophisticated technology with very easy usage. You can switch the noise canceling app on or off with just one button. 

A Deep Neural Network powers the cancellation technology adopted by Krisp. The network is trained with over twenty thousand noises, fifty thousand distinct speakers, and over two and a half million hours of audio. This equips this app with the ability to recognize and remove any noise happening in the background.

With Krisp, you no longer have to apologize for your baby screaming during an official call. Think about it, you wouldn’t have to ever mute and unmute your microphone again! This is an absolutely great solution for those who work from home.

How Do You Install Krisp Noise Cancelling App?

Krisp comes as a desktop application for Windows and Mac, iOS. It also has a Google Chrome extension for online calls. It’s also available on iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t a Krisp version for Android OS, but you can expect it soon. Installing and using this app is pretty fast and straightforward. (Speaking of Android devices, here are some tips and tricks for Smartphones you may want to try!)

All you have to do is download the Krisp app package from the Krisp website and follow the instructions given to install. Click here to go to Krisp’s download page.

After installation, Krisp becomes easily accessible on the desktop. You could also access the app by locating the Krisp icon on the menu or taskbar of your macOS or Windows. Click on the Krisp noise cancelling app, and you’d see a pop-up menu. 

On the pop-up menu, you have the options to sign up or sign in, or test noise cancellation. You could click on the test noise cancellation to try it out on your computer before signing up or in. When you click on the signup or in button, it automatically redirects you to a webpage to open an account with your email or to login. Simply put in the one-time verification code sent to your email and you’re all set to use.

The Krisp pop-up automatically resurfaces, then you can select apps on your computer that you’d be making use of the Krisp software with, to get instructions on how to apply the technology to them. Each conferencing app comes with its own video instructions for installation, which are very easy to follow.

How Do You Use Krisp Noise Cancelling App?

The interface of the app is quite simple and easy to understand. You just get two options for the app operation. One is to select the microphone source, and the other is to choose the Speaker.

Your microphone or speaker source could also be any audio enhancement devices you connect to your computer. Whenever you initiate a call on your computer on any app, all you have to do is activate or deactivate the noise cancellation system on the Speaker or microphone as needed, with a toggle switch.

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Alternatively, you could leave it turned on, and it connects to any calling apps and automatically starts filtering the audio. 

To use Krisp, it is always preferable to have it filter your audio from your microphone. If you have the app installed on your Windows or Mac computer, you also have the option to filter the recipient’s sound if they are in a noisy environment to hear them clearly at your end. This option is not yet available on the Chrome Extension version of Krisp.

For example, if you’re on a Skype call with your co-worker and there is a lot of background noise around you, all you have to do is change the audio source from the internal mic to the Krisp mic in the Skype settings to eliminate the noise from your end of the call.

The same goes with removing the noise from the end of the receiver. You only have to turn on the ‘mute noise’ toggle for your speaker to activate the noise reduction in real-time.

You’d be glad to know that not only does Krisp noise cancelling app work with any conferencing software; it also works with any app that lets you select an audio source, including audio recording apps like Audacity. 

Is Krisp AI Free?

Krisp provides a free plan that gives you all the essential functionalities of the app. However, you get only 120 minutes of free usage per week for filtering noise from your microphone and that of the speaker as well. To automatically receive fourteen days free of Pro usage, you would have to sign up with a custom domain.

The pro version gives you unlimited access to the noise cancellation service for your microphone and speaker on three different devices, making it easy to add Krisp to your work and home devices. 

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Krisp’s monthly paid plans are pretty affordable too. You could always upgrade if you need more than the free version. Krisp Pro costs $3.33 per month if you choose to be billed annually, and $5 per month if you prefer to be billed monthly.

You get additional free minutes when you share the Krisp app with your friends through your customized URL. For specific professions like students, teachers, government employees, and hospital workers, Krisp Pro is free till September 2020. This is part of their contribution to the COVID 19 pandemic situation.

If you qualify, simply send an email to Krisp from your work or school email address with ‘COVID-19’ as the title, and you’d get free access after verification that you qualify. 

Advantages of Using

  • It magically removes background noise.
  • Its interface is easy to use, with a single button to turn off and on as required.
  • Krisp works with all video-conferencing applications.
  • Its free plan comes with free weekly usage of 120 minutes, which is quite suitable for occasional use. 
  • Krisp is absolutely private, as all audio-processing takes place on your device and none is ever sent out through a server.
  • It is available to install on multiple platforms like iOS, Mac, Windows, and Chrome. 
  • Aside from work, Krisp is also great for streaming online games or having conferences when playing.

Disadvantages of using

  • You may observe a bit of degradation in the quality of your voice when you turn on the noise cancellation, especially if there is a great deal of noise to eliminate. Although it may cause your voice to sound slightly robotic, your voice would still be clear and understandable. 
  • The Chrome Extension of Krisp doesn’t yet let you filter the audio of the recipient.
  • Occasionally, the app can have high CPU usage due to the fact that every audio-processing goes on within the device itself using AI algorithms. 
  • Krisp’s Chrome Extension currently doesn’t work with the Zoom Chrome App. 


If you’re wondering if you should use the Krisp AI noise cancellation app, the short answer is yes. This app is probably the only technology currently offering noise reduction in real-time for free. It is a must-have for remote workers, especially those working from locations that they don’t have complete control over.

Krisp noise cancelling app lets you sound professional on every call you make using your computer or iOS devices. It also gives you reliable results, and this makes it difficult to beat at its game. Krisp is free to use and is indeed the best option if you want an easy and affordable way to have noise-free conversations remotely on your device. 

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