Game of Thrones is OVER! Now What? 12 Shows to Watch After GOT

Game of Thrones is OVER! Now What? 12 Shows to Watch After GOT

June 13, 2019 Off By Peter Cruz

If you have been closely following Game of Thrones for the past few years, then you have undoubtedly gone through some of the bloodiest, most magical, and most beautiful scenes in TV history. There is no doubt that following such majestic TV series, you develop a certain taste for the kind of storyline they present. Some watched for the grit, some watched for the mind games, and some watched for the magic. Now that our watch has ended, we ask ourselves �What do I watch now after seeing a game-changing TV series?�

This list aims to help you find your next big binge watch after the curtains close for our beloved Game of Thrones!


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If you thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy side of Game of Thrones, then you are in for a treat! Once Upon a Time shows a raw take on fantasy and fairytale stories with its plotline.

Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time focuses on the story of a woman by the name of Emma Swan. On the night of her 28th birthday, she was surprised by the presence of a certain boy named Henry Mills. Henry was the son she had given away for adoption nearly a decade ago, and now the same boy returns to her, foretelling a grim fate. He believes that everyone from his hometown in Maine, called Storybrooke, is inhabited by all sorts of fairytale characters and creatures, all of them having forgotten their past selves. As Emma slowly descends to the rabbit hole that is Storybrooke, she soon finds out that everything Henry says is true, and more.

The show has everything from Rumplestiltskin to Captain Hook, and at one point even Frozen�s Elsa joined this party! Take a look at its trailer:



The Four Lands has been a peaceful land of magic and might for ages. Their enemies, the Demons, were defeated and banished a long time ago. To protect the lands, a powerful wall of magic called The Forbidding was put up, and it has successfully kept them safe from the peril brought about by the Demons.

The Shannara Chronicles

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However, the magic�s source, the great tree of Ellcrys, is now dying. As the situation worsens, the acolytes tasked to tend to the trees are all killed. All but one, a young disciple by the name of Amberle Elssedil. Together with Wil Ohmsford, a young descendant of noble heroes, the druid Allanon send tasked Amberle to find the lost magic needed to save the tree and all of the land.

Shannara Chronicles has a more mainstream take on epic fantasy, and with a lighter feel surrounding it, it comes to no surprise that the show has earned a loyal following.



In the distant and warring year of 872, many of the kingdoms have fallen prey to the ferocious battle tactics of the invading Danes. Many but one, the kingdom of Wessex commanded by the defiant King Alfred.

Game of Thrones is OVER! Now What? 12 Shows to Watch After GOT

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It was then that we are introduced to the main hero of the series, Uhtred. Originally a son of a Saxon nobleman, he was captured and raised by the Danes as one of their own. Now being forced to choose between becoming who he really was meant to be, a Saxon, or becoming who he was raised to be, a Dane. Treading lightly as enemies from both sides are targeting him, he must choose a side soon and do what he thinks is right.

The Last Kingdom presents the same warring feel of Game of Thrones, and if you enjoyed the battle scenes of GoT then you are sure to enjoy watching this one.



Rome promises a lot of elements similar to Game of Thrones. The politics, the mind games, wartime strategies, and more.

It shows us a glimpse into the lives of various historical characters and their significance to what will be written down in history. Julius Caesar�s aristocratic views and ascent to dictatorship, the journey of Octavian Augustus (Julius� adopted successor), Cleopatra�s brilliant strategies, and more. It also shows us the viewpoint of commoners and soldiers in a time of war and tyrannical leadership.

Rome lives up to its name in terms of the realness in politics that it promises, a story that is as essential today as it was ages ago. By the way, this is an HBO Original too, in case it matters to you.

View the trailer here:


This shows tackles the adventures and times in the life of a young Merlin, then just a servant of crown prince Arthur in the royal court.

Game of Thrones is OVER! Now What? 12 Shows to Watch After GOT

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Trained by the great magister Gaius in various subjects such as medicine, service, and the occasional lessons in magic. The magister warned young Merlin of King Uther�s strong dislike of magic, hence the need for secrecy so as to not be exposed. Together with Prince Arthur, Merlin takes on a journey of brotherhood, battles, and sorcery.

Merlin has made itself a household name over the years with its light feel and magical premise, and if you have enjoyed the magic of Game of Thrones then Merlin will blow you away.



THE 100

Set decades after a nuclear war has killed off everyone on the planet, The 100 is a series leaning towards a more sci-fi, post-apocalyptic age where survival is of the utmost importance. After the nuclear war ended almost all sentient life on Earth, all that was left of humanity were those onboard the dozen space stations in the orbit of the planet. They formed an alliance, banded the stations together, and established a new society in what came to be known as the space station The Ark.

In here, resources are finite hence their importance. All crimes are punishable by death called �floating�, and the only thing that stops the verdict is if the perpetrator is under 18 years old. As their resources start to dwindle, The Ark sent off a hundred young offenders and juvenile delinquents to Earth in order to determine the planet�s habitability. They soon arrive in Earth, and discover what they called the �grounders�, those who survived in the planet after the war. �And it is then that they discover the dark secrets and dangers that the planet holds for them.



A riveting portrayal of one of the most dramatic and complicated times in the history of England, The White Queen is a step back from the usually male-dominated genre and introduces the viewpoints of three great female characters as they all fight for a single goal: to be the Queen of England.

Game of Thrones is OVER! Now What? 12 Shows to Watch After GOT: The White Queen

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The White Queen focuses on three women on their relentless pursuit of greatness, Elizabeth Woodville, Anne Neville, and Margaret Beaufort. Elizabeth is a commoner to which the crowned king, King Edward IV, has fallen in love with. This triggered the ire of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, better known as the Kingmaker. He orchestrated King Edward�s ascent to the throne, but now that the King has fallen in love, his schemes of controlling the throne from afar has gone downhill. Now, Elizabeth has to compete with her equally relentless adversary Margaret Beaufort, and Neville�s own daughter Anne, in order to be the rightful Queen to King Edward.

Filled with suspense, betrayals, and trickery, this is a sure-hit for the Game of Thrones fans who enjoyed the mind games and scheming presented in the series.


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During the 15th century, a time when politicians married only for political gain and the papacy is essentially a key to being a religious king, a man named Rodrigo Borgia dared dream big and claim the papal throne for himself. As it turns out, his children shared the intensity of his will and helped him get there. Espionage, secrecy, briberies and assassinations, these are all common weaponry inside the politics of the Holy Church, all of which the Borgias are willing to use. However, their rise to power comes with a price. When you set your eyes on the highest seat in the kingdom, best be sure that you are not the only ones that are after it.

The Borgias has proven itself to be one of the most enticing shows to watch in TV history, showing audience a more ruthless and raw take of the politics of the Church that only a few know about.



From being an unknown to becoming the renowned Champion of Capua, the show revolves on the story of a man simply referred to as The Thrachian. Due to the constant attacks happening in his village, The Thracian was persuaded to aid the Romans in their fight against the common enemy. But after enlisting as an auxiliary of the Roman Army, the men in position betrayed the promises they have given and set off to fight another war.

This led to the Trachian staging a mutiny against those in charge, a crime that will not go unpunished. The authorities separated him from his wife and sold them both off as slaves. When it was decided that he was to die in the arena as a gladiator, he fought with such skill and potential that the higher-ups decided to take him in and train him to become the best gladiator he could be. This is where he earned the name Spartacus, after the great warrior king. And this is where his story begins.

Game of Thrones is OVER! Now What? 12 Shows to Watch After GOT

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With blood, grit, and battles to top off the scheming and betrayals, Spartacus promises the same feel of Game of Thrones minus the magic and the dragons. If you liked Game of Thrones for the essential rawness and gore it brings, then Spartacus is for you.



Set decades before the events of the classic novel Treasure Island, Black Sails introduces us to the fearsome Captain Flint and other notably historical pirates, in search of the Urca de Lima, the elusive Spanish treasure ship. Due to the countless pillaging, raiding, and violence that the pirates have brought about to many places, they have gained numerous enemies from all over the world. �As explained in the series, every civilized nation have given them the declaration of hostis humani generis, enemy of the world. And so in retaliation, the pirates have formed a band and established a doctrine of their own, all in the name of the quest to wage war against the world that cast them aside.

Black Sails provides a rare glimpse into the pirate life that is much more rooted to reality than its predecessors, while keeping alive the pirate themes of thievery, treasure, and epic adventure. It also boasts the addition of real-life historical pirates to its story, with the likes of Anne Bonny, Long John Silver, and even the legendary Blackbeard!



Knightfall chronicles the rise, success, persecution, and the eventual fall of the Order of the Knights Templar. Landry de Lauzon, a brave and noble veteran of the Crusades. Disheartened by the losses the Crusade has suffered through the loss of the Holy Land and the Holy Grail itself, Landry has become frustrated of the Order. More than a decade later, he was made Master and Commander of the Paris Temple after the assassination of his former mentor, former Master Godfrey. Upon investigating Godfrey�s death, it has been revealed that the Holy Grail was in France. This was the spark that reignited the fire within Landry, and so begins his quest for the truth, and the Grail itself.

Game of Thrones is OVER! Now What? 12 Shows to Watch After GOT

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Through Knightfall, History Channel has presented the Templar history with a movie-quality narrative, in turn creating a grittier and bloodier take on the Grail story.



Another classic created by the History Channel is the ever-famous TV series Vikings. Inspired by actual historical events and oral stories passed down from ages ago, Vikings focuses on the rise of legendary Viking figure Ragnar Lothbrok. Depicted as a farmer by origin, the show chronicles Ragnar�s battles, victories, and eventual passing of the mantle to his children, crew, and fellow warriors. From a simple farmer, Ragnar has ascended to being a King to his people, however, the story does not end there.

Take away the magic and this show is arguably the closest one would get to seeing Game of Thrones. The war formations, the espionage, the sound of steel slicing flesh, all these and more you can expect from the beginning to the end.


These are just some of the best Game of Thrones alternatives you can binge watch after GoT. If you are itching to see more of the elements you have learned to love in GoT, then be sure to check this list and be on your way!


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