Game of Merch: 9 Game of Thrones Items that Every Fan Should Have

Game of Merch: 9 Game of Thrones Items that Every Fan Should Have

September 29, 2019 Off By ALister!

After the dust settled and the last fires burned out, we have finally ended our watch and finished the decade-long saga of Game of Thrones. Right now, fans are arguing if it ended the right way or not, but one thing is for certain: Game of Thrones collectibles are the most remarkable we’ve seen.

From the exciting board games up to the rare coins, the HBO show sure was a game changer. If you want the essential items on your Game of Thrones merchandise collection, then you are in the right place. Follow the list closely as Arya followed hers, and you will feel like the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms!

Alehorn’s Hand Of The King-styled Bottle Opener

If you, or someone you know perhaps, can handle wines, ales, and liquors like the boss that is Tyrion Lannister, then this is the perfect gift!

This Hand of the King bottle opener is 6 5/8″ long, 2 3/4″ wide solid metal and comes in durable gold finish, the perfect item to have in your kitchen, and especially on your Game of Thrones-themed parties!

With a great reference design and quality build, this Game of Thrones collectible sure is a beauty to behold whether it’s attached to your refrigerator door through its built-in magnet, or just stylishly placed on your costume.

And if that was not able to convince you yet, wait until you find out that it doubles as a letter opener too!?

Dark Horse Deluxe’s Hand Of The King Pin

Dark Horse Deluxe comes strong with their HBO-licensed merchandise line, starting off with this must-have pin that looks exactly like the Hand of the King pin in the series!

It might be lightweight in hand, but do not let that fool you, it is truly durable and is built to last a lifetime. The intricacy in the design is apparent on the photos, but even more stunning in person.

The small details on the hand, and even in the blade makes you feel like you really are the Hand of the King (or Queen) when you have this pinned on your clothes, jackets, or even on your bags!

Shire Post’s Iron Coin Of The Faceless Men

There is just something uniquely satisfying in collecting trinkets and small souvenirs that could actually be seen in the series.

For example, this Iron Coin made by the guys at Shire Post is an amazing gift for those who wants something more than your run-on-the-mill toys and collectibles.

This item is made of pure iron, meticulously placed on hand-engraved dies to deliver the darkened finish.

Aside from the great look, this merchandise line is also officially licensed by the man himself, George RR Martin! It is a great item to be placed on a frame and hung unto the wall, as well as a lucky charm that you could keep in your pocket at all times. Just don’t confuse it with a quarter, they’re about the same size.

Miniature Oathkeeper By The Running Press

With a grand legacy behind its creation and and the magical flow of fate that lead it to its current owner, Lady (or Ser) Brienne of Tarth, this miniature Oathkeeper sure gives off the aura of honor when you glance upon it!

Created by the folks at Running Press who makes a lot of Game of Thrones collectibles, this 4 ½” sword is made with metal and is displayed on a plastic platform. The kit also includes a mini 48-page paperback and a gorgeous double-sided sigil banner of House Lannister/Tarth.

With an awesome quality and the character it brings to your display case or even your personal work-desk, this item is a must-have for fellow fans of the series. Its intricate details are even more amazing to look at in person!

Miniature Longclaw By The Running Press

Another hit collectible by The Running Press, this miniature Longclaw sword is sure to inspire the warrior in you to challenge the world!

Made with metal and finished with a shiny glow, this 4” sword replica comes with a sheath sleeve specially made for the sword and a display stand. The kit also includes a 64-page book about the brief history, members, and profiles of the Night’s Watch.

The intricacy of the designs on this sword is unbelievable, from the sheath, the blade itself, the handle, and the pommel in the likeness of Ghost! Truly another must-have for this Game of Thrones TV series fans out there who are into miniatures. A fantastic worktable piece too!

Dark Horse Deluxe – Iron Throne Replica

What better way to show you are a fan of the series than having a replica of none other than the coveted throne itself?

Made of the swords owned by the kings who tried to rise against the king that was Aegon Targaryen, the Iron Throne is equally stunning and menacing at the same time. And aside from that, it looks great on a shelf together with your books or with other Game of Thrones collectibles!

This replica stands at 7”, and is the miniature version of the bestselling 14” Iron Throne replica by the same company. The highly detailed piece shows marvelous craftsmanship with the complex design and finish that is boasts of.

Whether on a display case, a shelf, or your office desk, this Iron Throne replica gives you the morale boost to conquer the world!

HBO Shop’s Dragon Egg Collectible Set

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be the Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons? Now you can experience it for yourself!

Elbenwald’s online store has these HBO SHOP Game of Thrones set complete with the Dragon eggs! This collectible set comes with hree dragon eggs for Rhaegal, Viserion, and Drogon, a satin support for the egg, and a handcrafter wooden box chest! 

The eggs stand at 3” and are 2” wide. Made of resin, the eggs are complete with the complex designs etched on their shells just like in the show and in the books. They look and the feel makes it feel lifelike, and it is also quite heavy for its size!

A Game Of Thrones – Board Game (2nd Edition)

Just how well do you know your friends? Do you know who you can trust, and who will betray you when push comes to shove? More importantly, do you need friends at all?

All these questions will be answered when you and your crew play A Game of Thrones – Board Game!

This action-packed board game takes 3-6 players on an epic adventure full of deceit, warfare, and magic on your way to claim the Iron Throne for yourself!

Play as the head of different families and houses, make allies, win battles, all the while taking a break from the friendship you have built over the years in exchange for the control of the Seven Kingdoms!

Don’t feel guilty, it’s all In the spirit of the books and the show anyway!

Valyrian Steel’s Needle, Sword Of Arya Stark

As soon as every fan the List that was made by Arya Stark, almost immediately everyone made his or her own Kill List. Former friends, highschool archenemies, heck, even noisy neighbors, these people filled up the typical List.

But the List would not be completed without the Needle, and that is where Valyrian Steel comes in! With a gorgeously crafter handle and a blade made of stainless steel, this sword stands at 30 ½”, with the blade at 22 ½”. 

With authentic brass parts and a wooden display platform with the great Direworld sigil silkscreened upon it, surely Valyrian Steel’s Needle makes for a great gift to a friend and an awesome piece for the library!

As Game of Thrones comes to an end, the fun in collecting the merch it left us does not end. If you want to know which GoT collectibles are the best to have, then just follow this list like Arya Stark and be on your way!