19 Creative Smartphone Hacks That You Need to Know Right Now

19 Creative Smartphone Hacks That You Need to Know Right Now

July 1, 2019 Off By Ferdie L. Eusebio

19 Creative Smartphone Hacks That You Need to Know Right Now

The possibilities of things that we can do to our smartphones are totally infinite. Whether we admit it or not, we don�t even call our smartphones phone anymore. They are now our navigating tool, music, and video players, gaming tools, calculators, home security monitor � the list is endless. You may not be able to recall the last time it functioned as a phone, but you have definitely used it to perform a specific task in your life just recently.�

But as we use this gadget to make our life better, certain complications that make using this device come along the way. There are always more hacks that we need to discover this wonderful hand-held device. Learning these hacks can truly make our smartphones more convenient to use.�

Here are 19 + 1 smartphone hacks that can help you maximize the potential of your gadget:

1. Cover your microphone to improve audio recording.

You might say that this is crazy but it definitely works. There is a simple explanation for this seemingly mind-boggling hack. Covering the mic would muffle the background noise, letting you hear the main audio that you wish to capture. All you need to do is place a finger on the microphone while letting the smartphone record the video.


2. Want to personalize your phone case?

Try using hot glue!


Protecting our smartphones against damages brought by accidental falls is a must for every gadget user. But protection should not be expensive at the same time. If you are on a budget, you can Tile Mate Phone Locator. That�s right. Just fit your smartphone with wax paper first to protect it from the heat. Then trace your phone�s outline using a hot glue gun. Wait for it to dry then peel it off, then place your phone.



3. Need a hanging phone lanyard?

Use a piece of silicone!

Some people hate keeping their phones in their pockets. The perfect solution to this is obviously a lanyard. But if you want to personalize this particular accessory, you can use a piece of silicone to give it some interesting twist. Purchase one from any crafting store, trace your phone�s outline and cut it out. Use a hot glue gun to attach it to a lanyard.



4. Need filter?

Use your sunglasses.

19 Creative Smartphone Hacks That You Need to Know Right Now

Taking good photos on your phone don�t have to rely on apps all the time. Sometimes, all you need is a little creativity and some things that are lying around. Your sunglasses, for instance, can be a good filter to make your pictures more interesting. It significantly reduces the amount of light and glare in your photos. Just put it in front of your camera, and presto � you have a good picture for your social media account.



5. Need to recharge your phone faster?

Don�t turn it off!

We have been told that in order to recharge our batteries faster, we need to turn our phones off. We were also told not to use the phone while it�s charging. Actually, you don�t need to do that anymore! Just put your smartphone to airplane mode. Your waiting time will be reduced in half. You can also use your phone while being recharged.



6. Got phone screen smudges?

Use an eraser to banish them away!


19 Creative Smartphone Hacks That You Need to Know Right Now


We�ve been using our phones every day and unfortunately, it gathers dirt on the screen. There is nothing more disgusting than seeing a very dirty phone screen. Luckily, you can banish all the dirt using a simple solution. Use an eraser (yes, an eraser) to wipe off all the dirt that your phone has gathered. Run it smoothly along the screen and see all the oil and dust go away.




7. Forgot to bring a phone protector to the beach?

Try using a Ziploc!

Phone protectors are undeniably expensive. However, if you want to keep your smartphone safe against moisture, you can always use a Ziploc to keep sand and water away. You�ll be surprised to see how effectively it shields your phone while you have yourself a very good time at the beach.



8. Forgot to bring your charger in your hotel room?

Check the TV!

smartphone hack charging behind the TV

Phone charger is one of the most important phone accessories that you need to have at all times. But in any event that you have forgotten to bring the charging dock, you can always use other USB ports such as the ones on your hotel room TV. Just connect the cable on to the USB port, and then connect your phone to it. You will have your smartphone battery replenished in no time.


9. Don�t have a car phone holder?

Try using a rubber band.


Car phone holder is an important accessory that you need to properly use your phone inside your vehicle. While it does not completely eliminate the risk of a road accident, it can at least keep your hands away from your phone. If you don�t have a car phone holder, you can temporarily use a rubber band to hold your phone in a secure spot. Just tie one or two rubber bands on the slits of your AC vents. Once the rubber bands were tightly tied, place your phone in an upright position. You can adjust the tightness accordingly. Just remember that you need to get off the road and stop driving first before doing this hack.



10. Want to save battery while navigating?

Take a screenshot of the map that you�re looking at.

Creative Smart Phone Hacks

The downside of navigating Google Maps is how it quickly drains our battery. If you want to do more on a limited battery, taking screenshots of the map will do you wonders. It can also save you from draining your data allocation.


11. Suffering from a bad reception?

Use airplane mode to locate a better signal.

If you�re in a place where signal reception is scarce, there is a good hack that you can use to find it. Put your smartphone in airplane mode, and then turn it off again. The airplane mode helps your phone locate the nearest best signal. No need to climb rooftops or trees again!


12. Want to save battery life?

Download black wallpaper.

smartphone hacks

You heard it right, folks. The screen�s brightness contributes to battery drain. If your screen is black, however, you can save a significant percentage of your battery � giving you more quality time using your phone.


13. Bothered by your regular need to recharge your smartphone?

Lower the brightness of your screen!

Little than we know, the screen�s brightness is a major consumer of battery energy. You can slow down your battery�s drain by lowering your screen�s brightness. So if you don�t have a good place to recharge your phone just yet, adjusting your screen�s brightness will help you save some battery juice.


14. Want to wake up early?

Put your phone in a cup!

Don�t deny it � you always ignore your alarm in the morning. This is because the alarm might not be loud enough to stimulate you. If you�re worried that you have been accustomed to the volume of your alarm, put it on a dry cup. The cup will act as a speaker that would amplify the volume of your phone. This will significantly increase the volume of the alarm.


15. Your phone is slowing down?

Try restarting it.

smartphone hacks

Our smartphones are just like computers; it needs to be turned off regularly to keep it running at maximum capacity. Outdated apps can sometimes be the source of our smartphone�s slow performance. In order to prevent this, restart your phone regularly. Turning it off for a few minutes will allow itself to be updated.


16. You don�t have a phone stand?

Try using your sunglasses.

If you want to keep your hands free while using your smartphone, using a reliable stand is definitely a must. But phone stands can be expensive these days. If you don�t have one, you can always use your sunglasses. At least, you can wear it when you are not using it as a phone stand!


17. Tired of misplacing your smartphone?

Try using Tile Mate Phone Locator!

If you are tired of locating your phone because you have misplaced it, the best thing to do is to attach Tile Mate Phone Locator at the back of it. Just press on the remote button and the phone will ring, helping you find it. It works even when you placed the phone on silent!

19 Creative Smartphone Hacks That You Need to Know Right Now


18. Want to hear your phone�s music better?

Try using an empty toilet paper roll!

Amplifying your phone�s speakers in an open space is a difficult hack to master. If you have forgotten to bring your favorite Bluetooth speaker, you can always try using an empty toilet paper roll. It may be cheap and disposable, but it certainly does the trick.


19. Want to easily remember your grocery shopping list?

Take a photo of your fridge!

Bringing a shopping list is quite a hassle especially if you are in a hurry. But taking pictures of your fridge will help you jog your memory about the important things missing in your kitchen. This way, you will never miss a single item when you are shopping.






BONUS TIP: Like to read news online?

Try offline reading.

Browsing the internet on our smartphones can use a huge portion of our data, not to mention battery percentage. So if you like reading news and other interesting articles, just download an offline reader to read the articles that you want. This way, you won�t have to browse the internet anymore.�



Knowing these smartphone hacks will not only prolong the life of your precious hand-held gadget but also let you use your gadget to its maximum capacity. With these simple hacks, you won�t need to spend a fortune just to have a convenient smartphone usage. You will only need items that are already present in your house, car, and even your own bag. All it takes is a little creativity to get what you want.

19 Creative Smartphone Hacks That You Need to Know Right Now